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Global Job Observatory Project

Dropped project Summary of activities

GJO(dropped domain)

The project’s goal is to create a community of people around the world with interest in exchange opinion and carry through initiatives about job and economy in their respective countries.


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busquem feinaProjecte: Busquem feina

Via @xaviroca1 ens arriba aquest interessant projecte: Busquem Feina es una pàgina de tots i per tots. Per ajudar-nos a buscar i trobar feina. Gràcies a tots els amics per col-laborar amb nosaltres!!!

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Fourth encounter and Global York website presentation
March 17th, 2013 globalyork

Presentation of Global York Online Magazin

Last March 16th was celebrated the 4th GJO meeting. In this session we had the pleasure of having the presence of Ángela Bermúdez who introduced us to the Global York project, an online magazine engaged into emigration and job search of Spanish people abroad. We loved the approach of their project and we agreed to establish a collaborative framework between us. We encourage to look at their website where you will find helpful articles:


Iniciativa “No nos vamos nos echan”
nonosvamosnoshechanMarch 15th, 2013

Interesante iniciativa donde podemos ver en un mapa geolocalizado la situación de diversos ciudadanos que han emigrado debido a la falta de empleo y  oportunidades  en el contexto político y económico actual. #NoNosVamosNosEchan es una iniciativa que denuncia la situación de exilio forzoso de la juventud precaria.

Job website for Spanish in London
January 21st, 2013 (Job UK)
La Embajada Española en Londres acaba de lanzar un portal de empleo con el que pretende ayudar a buscar trabajo a los miles de españoles que viven en Reino Unido.job_UK


Third session
January 12th, 2013
Building Team. New contacts in third session of GJO. Meeting with London, Belfast, Madrid and Laussane.

Second session GJO
Building team. 15 December 2012, second session of contact of participants from San Francisco, London, Madrid, Granada and Lleida. Hangout communication established!

First session of GJO
Last October 27, 2012 was held the first meeting of Global Job Observatory with the presence of USA, Canada, UK and Spain.

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