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Think Tank 2010



Values and  complicities to get over this crisis

1.-The participants  in the Fòrum will be offered the opportunity to identify the values which may hold the solution to the economical and social crisis by looking for common complicities which could entail concrete legislative and executive  inititives.

2.- This new experience will be intensive and will last for a month: September 2010

3. -It implies exploring the possibilities offered by the ECOGRUP21’s new website and comparing them with THINK THANK previous experiences which took place in 2008 and 2009.

4.-The method will be as simple as possible. It will be feasible to use the window “THINK TANK 2010”  by using the www.ecogrup21.com website without any ban as regards the access and with full guaranty of strict confidentiality as usually.

5.-There will be a basic document opening the debate which will be written by the editorial staff of the  Think Tank and published on the webside on Monday September 1st 2010.

6.-On Thursday September 30th , the contributing ideas period will be closed. In October, the results obteined will be published in the ECOGRUP 21 website.


Everyone knows our society is immersed in a political, economic and social crisis of substancial seriousness.

There’s no doubt that what has led which has led us to the complecated moments we are going through now is a deep crisis of values.

The political leaders, who should have given example by forseeing the possible devastating effects of the crisis and should have taken steps in order to avoid them , didn’t want to or couldn’t do it . Thus, feelings both of anger and hostility have seized among the citizens.

So, our first proposal is meant to take mesures in order to regain people’s confidence and  credibility in politics.

Among other mesures, we wish to emphasize the next ones: the reform of the representative system by  incorporanting  open electoral rolls and the direct responsibility in front of the voters, the incorporation of advanced selection systems which take into account the straving for recognition of the candidates who, on the other hand are freely appointed. Thus, the condition of public officer is directly related to the accomplishment of certain goals and to a limited interval of time so that the professional career of the elected ones is not damaged but, at the same time, avoing people from taking particular advantage at the expense of public resources .

One of the most surprising aspects of the actual situation, which is characterized by the deterioration of cohabitation quality, the level of welfare and self-confidence we should have thanks to the goals attained in the last 30 years, is the inability to foresee the efects of the dynamics which affect our daily life.

That’s why the second of our proposals is meant to anticipate the decition-making in order to deal with the possible crisis which may arise: so we propose the creation of an observatory for preventing political, social and economic crisis.

Two of the main features of this crisis are the letargy of the business class and the destruction of jobs. So, taking into account that both of them are closely related and regardless of the structural reforms which are already being carried out or which are announced, we concider it’s essencial that a part of the mesures which have to be taken are aimed at facilitating the creation of new companies and at spoiling the enterprising spirit.

All public administrations have been affected in a different mesure by the crisis. Specially those which are closer to the citizens. We are of the opinión that’s unthinkable to overcome the crisis without a deep reformof the social service, by its rationalization and by eradicating the nepotism and the corruption .

On the other hand, it’s necessary to take steps with two other aims: a policy of openness as for the social service is concerned and the encouragement of the public involvement in politics by making it possible for everyone to share our initiatives and ideas. We are referring to the Good Goverment and to the recoverment of the civil society as an essential element in the management  of comunity issues.


The behaviour of the financial institutions and their executives is the main factor which triggered off the  most serious economic crisis which has ever affected the Western World. Neither the social responsibility nor the code of ethics or the public controls have been able to stop the limitless greed and the lack of forecast and of common sense.

As a consecuence of all of this, both USA and EU have needed to deeply reform their finantial regulation and supervision. The aim is that the citizens don’t have to pay for the bad management of the finantial institutions .The raising of capital – equivalent to 13% of the European GDP – spent because of the crisis must be a lesson to all of us. So, we propose to create a Group of Monitoring of the finantial reform which aim at informing every citizen in a easy way of the mesures taken in the EU.

We will encourage the broadcasting of “VIC – Vivers d´Iniciatives Ciutadanes “ or Empowering constructive initiatives on urbanism, citizenship, creative. That’s to say, actions, workshops and meetings aimed at reflection and at sharing people’s initiatives which do already exist and are to be developped. .

It’s about creating social synergies which become comunitary management responsibilities.

Another goal for the next years should be to encourage the role of social organizations and their nets as a tool for facilitating public participation and comunitary  management.

We are willing to explore all the possibilities offered by new technologies even with regard to the recontiliation of work and family life, to save ourselves the bureaucracy and paperwork and to improve quality of  life.  In a special way we will try to go more deeply into the phenomenon of  social nets so that we can think about actions which have significance in determined circles.


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